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What is the #1 cause of downtime?


Network outages are the leading cause of downtime, followed by human error.  The worst part, it’s pretty much inevitable, not to mention costly. Research shows that downtime can cost a business $163,674 per hour.

Traditional backup methods such as tape, disk, and strict NAS devices are no longer sufficient.  Businesses now require a solution that guarantees proof of backup, performs instant local and off-site virtualizations, and enables them to continue business operations as if no ‘disaster’ ever happened.  That means Intelligent Business Continuity.

The benefits of an Intelligent Business Continuity solution vs. traditional backup are many for you and your users.  To learn more about all of the benefits that Business Continuity will offer your business, email NCI at info@nettconn.net or contact us at 586-948-0030 #111