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Server Virtualization

Why Implement Server Virtualization?

The architecture of today’s x86 servers allows them to run only one operating system at a time. Server virtualization separates the operating system and applications from the physical hardware, enabling a more cost-efficient, agile and simplified server environment. Using server virtualization, multiple operating systems can run on a single physical server as virtual machines, each with access to the underlying server’s computing resources.

    • 80 percent greater utilization of server resources
    • Up to 50 percent savings in capital and operating costs
    • 10:1 or better server consolidation ratio


Services Provided:

Business Continuity Services:

When implementing business continuity through server virtualization, NCI can increase the baseline level of availability for all your applications and ensure service level agreements are met. We can slash planned downtime, prevent unplanned downtime and recover rapidly from outages. We help you provide higher availability to applications and network resources independent of hardware, operating system and applications by rapidly recovering from operating system and server failures.

Disaster Recovery Services:

In most cases, disaster recovery is perceived as too expensive, complex and unreliable for any but the most mission-critical applications. Just like good insurance, the best disaster recovery solution should provide great protection, with minimum hassle, at the lowest possible cost. By virtualizing servers you can use backup technologies to encapsulate the entire hardware independent server (OS and applications) and replicate it off-site to nCloud DR (Link to bring up in window) for recovery. Larger organizations can utilize a stand-by site for immediate recovery.