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Mobile Workspaces

What is a mobile workspace?

Mobile Workspace technology addresses these requirements by securely delivering apps, desktops, files and services seamlessly to any user, on any device, over any network. A Mobile Workspace benefits organizations in the following ways: For the people: Employees, partners and contractors get seamless, secure access to all of their business apps, data and services wherever they are and on the devices of their choice – from PC to smartphone – alongside their personal content. The flexibility to choose how, where and when work gets done is empowering the workforce to produce great results. For the business: Organizations will remove technology limitations by providing people with the information and tools they need wherever they are. As a result, workflows are improved, productivity is increased and the cost of doing business is reduced. For the IT organization: IT can securely deliver desktops, apps and IT services with a single integrated solution over any network and from any cloud, including private, public or hybrid environments – eliminating multiple vendor solutions for varied use cases.

Why mobile workspaces from NCI?

Network Connections, Inc. is a leader in deploying Mobile Workspaces. We unite virtualization, networking and cloud services to enable new ways to work better. Explore the market leading technologies that make up the Mobile Workspace solutions from Citrix and Microsoft.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Microsoft RDS services delivers a shared desktop, virtual desktops and virtual applications through a secured WEB based gateway empowering users to obtain these services from any WEB browser on any device.

Mobile Workspaces powered by Citrix

Citrix-Solution-AdvisorCitrix Workspace Suite seamlessly and securely unites apps, data and services on any device. XenApp mobilizes and secures Windows apps on any device. XenDesktop securely delivers virtual Windows desktops and apps on any device. XenMobile manages and secures mobile, web and SaaS apps on mobile devices. GoToMeeting empowers people to meet and collaborate with anyone, anywhere. ShareFile shares and syncs corporate data securely from any location. NetScaler optimizes and secures app delivery on any network. CloudBridge accelerates app delivery to remote workers on any network. CloudPlatform orchestrates and provisions apps, desktops and IT services from any cloud.