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Collaboration Services

Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization

NCI’s EFSS offering, WatchDox, is the most secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration solution among competing EFSS solutions in the market. The WatchDox platform enables enterprises to securely sync files, share documents and work with files wherever they need to go, even on devices beyond IT control.

WatchDox uniquely combines the enterprise file sharing, collaboration and mobile productivity tools IT managers want with the control, tracking and integration to existing systems that enterprises need to stay secure and compliant. The most security-conscious enterprise and business use WatchDox to reduce the risk, complexity and cost of collaborating and sharing enterprise content in the cloud. Learn more about other business file sharing solutions.

What can EFSS do for you

WatchDox enables business and enterprise to share, work and collaborate safely in the cloud. We make business more mobile and collaborative, while reducing the risk, complexity and cost of sharing information across and beyond your enterprise. Our unique data-centric security solution enables organizations to control synced and shared files wherever they go, across any device.

How EFSS Works

The WatchDox solution focuses on securing business data so that it carries security where it travels. Traditional file sharing and transfer solutions only secure the transport of content while allowing recipients to download unprotected, original copies of files. WatchDox secures the data so that you can control whether recipients can view, download, forward, print, copy, or edit documents.

EFSS Security

WatchDox provides the most secure file sharing and synchronization solutions on the market, offering integrated digital rights management, granular access controls, tracking and auditing capabilities and more. Learn more about the WatchDox security. WatchDox meets compliance regulations for TRUSTe, HIPPA, SOC 2 and SafeHarbor.

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