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About Network Connections, Inc.

NCI delivers information technology solutions and managed outsourcing services to clients in the manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, communications, education and consumer industries

Company Background

NCI was founded January, 1992 by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Licari. NCI’s primary focus was delivering Local Area Network (LAN) products and services to businesses. At that time, LAN’s were at their infancy and the promise of sharing resources was a real benefit to business. NCI helped these businesses implement LAN’s at a very early stage. Many of these customers are still with us today.

Over the years NCI has grown with these technologies and now provides business solutions from a number of industry leaders. These technologies now include advanced hardware and storage, security applications, healthcare applications and IP based phone systems. These technologies, combined with the technical knowledge and creativity of our employees, are a benefit to our customers who have implemented these solutions.